Livery service

Over the last couple of years we have completely restructured our livery service. Clients' needs differ, so we now offer an assisted DIY service to all. As there is a member of staff on site, you can choose extra services such as mucking out, grooming etc as required. You can have as many or as few extra services as you require depending on your needs. Daily "upgrades" to part or full livery are available, giving maximum flexibility.

What makes us different?

  • Unlike most yards we have ample grazing. We can turn out your horse every day summer or winter.
  • Miles of off road hacking on the Three Shires Way. The bridleway runs through our premises, so there is no long hack on a road to get to the bridleway.
  • Your horse can live out 24 hours a day in the summer if you wish.
  • There is plenty of space for your horse and equipment. 
  • Access to the arena is easy and unlimited.
  • Choice of exercise options including lungeing, hacking or schooling by competent staff. Schooling by resident BHSIsm by arrangement.
  • Owners live on site and a late night check of the horses is done every night.
  • Superb quality hay or  haylage is included in the price. We have worked closely with the producer to create a product that is weed free, low in sugar with good levels of nutrients and minerals and is as near organic as possible. The haylage is fully analysed and contains grasses and herbs suitable for horses (not cattle like so many commercial haylages available) and expert advice is available to help you choose appropriate hard feeds to complement the forage. This forage is amongst the best in the country and suits most horses from laminitic ponies to fit competition horses.
  • We are a "barefoot friendly" yard. We understand that the feeding and exercising of barefoot horses can be complex. Forage is analysed and expert advice on mineral balanced diets is available if needed.
  • We are within an hour’s drive from several top competition centres including Addington Manor, The College Equestrian Centre, Bury Farm, Milton Keynes Event centre and more.

Assisted DIY livery includes;

Giving of feeds and haynets from Monday to Friday

A morning rug change and turn out/ bring in from Monday to Friday

Haylage or Hay

£65 per week.

Upgrade to part livery to include mucking out, turn out, bring in, rug change etc.

£11 per day

Please email us if you would like a list of extra services available.